Apprentice Electrician (Graphic Design  110803.1999)

An apprentice electrician is an entry-level electrical trainee enrolled in an apprenticeship program to learn the concepts and skills necessary to become a certified electrician. As an apprentice, an electrician will receive a combination of classroom education and paid onthe-job experience. Skills that are typically covered in these programs include how to design, install and repair commercial or residential electrical systems, as well as how to install and maintain data-telecommunications wiring. Apprentice electricians work under the observation of a journey-level electrician, building basic skills and gaining additional tasks and responsibilities as they improve
Where Has Adobe After Effects Been Used?
After Effects is known for it’s versatility, and work created using this program is everywhere. You may recognize some of the following examples, but didn’t realize they were created using After Effects, or even how they were created.
Pretty Popular Content:
  • The Walking Dead (Gruesome Warning)
  • Star Trek: Into the Darkness Titles
  • Enders Game
  • Action Movie Kid

The Walking Dead Season 3 Visual Effects Reel from Stargate Studios on Vimeo.


Basic computer skill are necessary, Knowing how to log in to google and send emails is a must. If student doesnt know the basic operation of windows operating system. Candidate must apply for a basic computer class before taking this course.


The course duration is 100 class hours / 100 lab hours .   Total hours 200 hours

How we Teach?

We will learn by doing, by providing a presentation, and providing the tools to work through the processes presented. Learning Adobe After Effects is something best learned by doing, by applying skills to the Adobe After Effects application.

 In addition we will provide PDF files that can be downloaded and printed. The PDF files allow us a supplemental resource and can be used offline. The PDF files provide us with a hard copy reference to refer back to and something we can use to help explain concepts to others. 

All Certification Testing is done in our Campus.

This course will give a certificate of completion. Adobe ACA

Please download Full Syllabus from our link below.