English As a Second Language Course .Second Language Learning(320109.4200)

This course is for candidates who wish to develop their reading, writing, speaking and interpersonal skills. Students will expand their vocabulary, refine their reading ability through different classroom activities. A wide variety of texts and technology will be used to expose students to different life scenarios. Through this combination of activities, members of this class will gain greater skills to apply to their daily lives. At the end of this course, candidates will be able to take the TOEFL exam.


No skills are needed only the desire to learn.


The course duration is 1300 class hours .

How we Teach?

We will learn by doing, by providing a presentation, and providing the tools to work through the processes presented. Learning English Is easy when the approach is as if you were teaching a child. No need to learn complex sentence structure. Beginners level is all about activities where students can visually see and learn.

All Certification Testing is done in our Campus.

This course will give a certificate of completion. Toefl exam is optional but highly recommended

This is a long syllabus for now not available for download.