Excel Level 1/General (520401.199)

Discover how to create and develop worksheets and workbooks in order to work with and analyze data. Topics include calculations, modifying and formatting a worksheet and managing workbooks.


Basic computer knowledge.


The course duration is 9 class hours / 3 lab hours .   Total hours 12 hours

How we Teach?

We will learn by doing, by providing a presentation, and providing the tools to work through the processes presented. Learning Microsoft Excel is something best learned by doing, by applying skills to the Microsoft Excel application.

 In addition we will provide PDF files that can be downloaded and printed. The PDF files allow us a supplemental resource and can be used offline. The PDF files provide us with a hard copy reference to refer back to and something we can use to help explain concepts to others. 

All Certification Testing is done in our Campus.

This course will give a certificate of completion

What’s included?

  • 0102 Enter data & saving workbook
    0103 Applying Formulas
    0104 Changing a worksheet’s structure
    0105 Find, Replace & Spell Check
    0106 Applying fonts, background colors, and borders
    0107 Formatting numbers and dates
    0108 Making the pieces fit
    0302 Count Functions
    0109 Inserting headers & footers and Repeating Rows
    0110 Managing Large Workbooks
    0401 Change Case (Upper, Lower, Proper)
    0401 Change Case (Upper, Lower, Proper)
    0402 Separating Text on Symmetrical Data
    Ex 0402 Separating Text on Symmetrical Data
    Microsoft Excel Assessment Test – Basic Level