GED,HISET,TASC (High School Equivalence Certificate Program (530201.4000)

High School Equivalence Certificate Program. An instructional program that defines the requirements for meeting the minimum high school/secondary completion requirements specified by a U.S. state or other jurisdiction, for adult learners who did not complete secondary school. Includes undertaking a specified program of studies and obtaining a prescribed passing score on the General Educational Development Test (GED) or provincial examinations. These awards represent the legally recognized equivalent of secondary school graduation. 


Must be 16 years of age and be a New Jersey resident . Classes are available in English and Spanish.  Online and in campus classes available


The course duration is 360 hours

How we Teach?

We will learn by doing, by providing a presentation, and providing the tools to work through the processes presented.  Dont settle for less we are the best choice for you to get your highschool diploma easy and fast.

All Certification Testing is done in our Campus.

This course will give a High school Diploma From the state of NJ upon completion of 5 state exams.

This is a long syllabus for now not available for download.  You must pass a math,reading,writing ,social studies,science test.