Legal English

Description/Class available in Spanish

Legal English is a field of the English language which deals with law related issues and how to communicate them properly.

This course includes the three different aspects of legal English:

  • General English skills
  • Specific law and legal skills
  • Communication skills
  • Common law
  • The English legal system
  • The court system

You will be able to improve core skills legal communication.

Who this course is for:
  • law students
  • managers or lawyers who want to work globally


  • no prerequisites
  • knowledge of own coutry’s law system is helpful to understand parallels and differences


The course duration is 10 class hours .

How we Teach?

We will learn by doing, by providing a presentation, and providing the tools to work through the processes presented. Learning Legal English is something best learned by doing, by applying skills .

All Certification Testing is done in our Campus.

This course will give a certificate of completion.

Please download the Syllabus from the link below.